The Center for Back Pain Management specializes in a variety of painful or uncomfortable conditions such as:

- Sciatica
- Herniated or Degenerative Disks
- Failed Back Surgery Syndrome or Post
  Laminectomy Syndrome
- General Neck Pain
- Low Back Pain (Lumbago)
- Spinal-stenosis
- Arthritis Pain
- Leg, Hip, Knee and Shoulder Pain
The Center for Back Pain Management
Some of the Specialized Injection Techniques utilized at our center are:

- Orthopedic Injections
- Lumbar Steroid Injections
- Nerve Blocks
- Facet Joint Injections
- Prolotherapy
- Sacroiliac Joint Injections
- Trigger Point Injections
-  Synvisc and Hyalgan Treatments (Knee)

Full on-site Physical Therapy Services provided with Myofacial Release Specialist.