" I cannot begin to describe how fantastic I feel as a result of these treatments. My lower back and sciatica area have responded beautifully. I am grateful to Dr. Rennella and his staff for rendering me pain free. Thank you so much! "
Anita S.

" I have just had seven pain free days for the first time in over a year, thanks to the treatments I received at the Center for Back Pain Management. It's really amazing how my problem was diagnosed, treated and cured with a minimum of inconvenience and invasion to my body. I am extremely pleased with the care and attention that I have received, and highly recommend anyone with back and leg pain to follow in my footsteps, and seek treatment at the Center for Back Pain Management.
Donald G.

" When I came into the doctor's office, I was in pain that affected every action on a daily basis. I couldn't walk, or sleep without constant pain. I had this condition for eight months before coming to the Center for Back Pain Management. As a result of treatment, I am pain free and have resumed my normal life patterns. I am able to play golf, tennis, and swim pain free. After three months, I continue to be pain free."
Paul L.

" My lower back pain has lessened considerably with the treatments I have received. In fact, I don't consider I have a problem anymore. I think Dr. Rennella has been extremely helpful, courteous, and dedicated in helping me."
Albert S.

" After feeling poorly for years, after the first treatment I felt better. After the second treatment I was pain free!"
Alicia P.

The Center for Back Pain Management